Trouble with one page

One page on my site (page 10, Fotogalleri) does no longer function. It is supposed to have a lot of buttons with links to different albums stored on SmugMug. But they are all gone. In addition half of the keyhole (for password) is showing. I’m on RW7, MacBookPro OS 10.11.6.
If any of you out there would take the time to take a look at the site, I would appreciate it very much and I’ll be happy to provide you with all necessary log-in details.

On my computer, the password page looks OK (see screenshot).

PageSafe is working for me, not sure about the rest of the page as do not know the password

Thanks. The PageSafe page is OK. It’s the Fotogalleri page (page 10) that is the problem. In RW mode it looks as it should, however, on the net all he buttons with links have disappeared. Please take a look. Password is 1962.

There’s an error coming up on your page. Not sure if that is related but I’m wondering if not everything has been uploaded to your page. Have you tried a Re-Publish All Files yet?

Yes, I tried that but it did not change anything. I will try to delete the page and rewrite it.

Actually try to delete the files on your webserver first, then republish all files. Sometimes an older index file with the ending .html is loaded and not e.g. the index file with the extension .php.