Paste Styled Text as Markdown

Paste Styled Text as Markdown
Would love to be able to paste styled text into a Markdown stack and get auto conversion to markdown.

Also reference:

Even “limited” conversion would be a great help. ie: Retain Bold, Italic. Let styles handle Font, Size, etc.

Both the Styled Text view and the Markdown view that you see in Stacks are actually component pieces of RapidWeaver as a whole. Probably the only way to change the behavior to those things would be to add those features to the views themselves.

In other words, if that feature were added to the RapidWeaver Markdown page style then Stacks would inherit it.

That said, conversions too and from Styled Text are pretty quirky. I generally frown on adding features that introduce many potential problems unless the one they solve is is worth the cost.


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Thanks for reply! Understood.