Paysnap 3 is here

Delighted to see Paysnap 3 is here: Mike over at @yabdab has implemented some great new features.

  1. Now includes STRIPE - which is excellent (half the price of PayPal)
  2. The shopping cart is now always available to view not just when adding items
  3. The ‘amount’ can be selected with +/- buttons rather than just enetred manually
  4. The look and feel has been really well updated - nice contemporary look and feel

Probably loads more but these are the killer features for me. I’ll be updating my sites very shortly.

Thanks Mike for great update!


@manofdogz Thanks man! :grin:

Really glad you dig the new update. A lot of work went into making it great RapidWeaver e-commerce solution. Hopefully others feel the same way. :pray:


Hi Mike and congratulations on what I’m sure is a great update. Can it handle digital downloads?


@Bazza No, PayPal and Stripe handle all the checkout functionality.

For digital downloads you would want to use the awesome Cartloom shopping cart :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just wondering how shipping costs are calculated. I did not see anything on the demo site.

@Gus Only PayPal checkout offers Shipping and Tax Calculations.

PaySnap provides the shopping cart only. It then passes off all the cart data to either Stripe or PayPal for checkout processing.

I hope this helps answer your question.

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BUT ; does not handles shipping and tax calculations (as just said) AND discounts…

I have trie to use discounts (with Cart3) with Paypal and Stripe ; works with Paypal, not on Stripe…

So it is not a real solution right now…

@luzule Ok - if you need those features it’s not for you. But in truth it doesn’t set out to be an all-encompassing e-commerce solution. E-Commerce wish-lists never end, and at some point there has to be a cut-off. Paysnap is a lightweight solution which has always worked at the level at which it is pitched and in v3 does it all more elegantly. You could always try Rapidcart. Feature rich plug in although there have been occasional posts about support issues. Another option is to get a PHP outside of the Rapidweaver world - phpjabbers for example. Other than that you’re probably looking at a subscription e.g. Cartloom.

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Of course. I’m not speaking about the e-commerce solution, just about Stripe.

I know that these “one time fee” solutions are great for what you can do with, and that if you need more, other solutions are available.

Simply ; I don’t really understand why Stripe does not deal with these very simple things for e-commerce. Last week I had to remove Stripe in a client website because of that… It is strange to loose clients for quite simple settings…

Edit : Sorry, must be my bad english once again :wink:

Ahh - sorry! Misunderstood. I’m not too clued up on Stripe’s capabilities but I’m pretty sure you can apply coupons for discounts both one-off and on subscriptions. I know they have integrations with shipping apps but have never looked at this in detail. I advise my clients with simple e-commerce to offer ‘free’ shipping (in the UK) but of course integrate it into the price.


Yes ; choosing the kind of e-commerce option needs to adapt and find solutions, but they are very affordable…

And to speak about this topic’s subject ; yes ! Glad to see PaySnap 3, it seems a very good alternative to Cart 3 (same philosophy).

And ; manofdogz, would you share your e-commerce website on my proposition here :wink:

Looking forward to Paysnap 3. Does it offer the capability of quantity based pricing? For example five widgets at $5 each or six for $25?

I’ve just built this free template with it: Pre-built projects for Rapidweaver It was my first time working with Paysnap so I’m no expert, but I don’t think it can handle multi-deals, as in five widgets at $5 each or six for $25. However, a better approach in terms of ease of use by the customer is to just add a new product for six widgets at 25.

I would echo what has been said above though: Paysnap is a really good lightweight but very adaptable eccomerce solution for RW. Of it’s kind I’d say the best.

Stripe is an online payment processor/gateway, not an e-commerce platform. Paypal is a different beast so to compare the two is unfair to both: It makes Paypal seem very expensive and Stripe feature-poor.

If you need a more feature-rich solution Rapidcart Pro by @rob is excellent, and nowadays well past the support issues from a few years ago. Rapidcart Pro doesn’t yet work with UiKit3 (IMO the best framework for RW) from @Lucas which is a real shame, but hopefully that will one day get fixed.

Outside the RW world, as mentioned above, PHP Jabbers makes the brilliant Stiva Store, which next to Rapidcart pro, for the money is about as good as it gets.

Stivastore is a CMS ecommerce solution: Once you’ve set it up and configured it the client can have full control via an independent dashboard. And of course, it’s not platform-dependent, so you’re not locked in the RW eco-system.

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I’ll second the comment on Stiva Store - excellent product.

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