What is that commonly used Cart I see

I am implementing an online information selling service… and need a shopping cart

to do the sale
handle the credit card processing
put the money in my account

there will only be one line item… they buy the service or not… I have no store of items, only one
but they need to pay through credit card or PayPal, the cart system has to handle the credit card processing. Responsibility for that is high and you want to avoid taking it on personally if possible.

I am a credit card merchant already, but wish to get away from that, and use services that do it all for me.

Can you recommend a cart ?

I have seen the same one and it is nice on MANY of the Stacks selling vendors… I have been all around so many websites and bought so many stacks… and they almost all used the same cart I suppose because the experience was the same… and I’m wondering therefore which cart service that one is???

Thank you.

Das Goravani

Screenshot might help?

A large number of RW vendors use either cartloom or paddle. They both provide a digital delivery service.

Do you need a digital delivery? You didn’t say so, and if all you need is a simple check out cart to collect funds then I’d have a look at the demo for paysnap 3. It works with either PayPal or Strip.

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I remember now getting many Paddle receipts… so yes Paddle was what I saw… and maybe Cartloom sometimes…

I checked out Cartloom and YabDab Paysnap sites… with Cartloom you have a $20 per month fee minimum… and with PaySnap it seems you buy the stacks once… am I right in seeing that one has a fee and one doesn’t? I wrote to PaySnap ppl and asked them to answer that question…

yes PaySnap seems to have what I need… although Cartloom accepts more types of payment like for example they do Apple Pay… I dont think PaySnap does… card is dominant, PayPal #2 so I’m good with that…

just wanna figure out if one has a fee and one doesn’t… waiting on confirmation that PaySnap doesn’t have a monthly fee…

and still dont know and need to know if Stripe and Paypal charge me monthly fees… for being connected… I figure they have per transaction fees… like a credit card usually has some 3% or whatever…

oh and I dont think I would ever use the digital delivery service… I am planning on emailing my output to them… for my thing is generated on a per customer basis… it’s an astrology report on their birth chart analysis… so it’s generated based on the birth data they input after payment… after payment is done I only want it to proceed to a certain URL… where they will enter their birth data… and click.a button… that does the calculations and outputs to a PDF… that is emailed to them. Thank you.

I dont need any tools or reports which I saw Cartloom offers…

Feel free to comment on carts, fees, how it works… thank you.

It sounds like Paysnap is perfect for you.

@yabdab can confirm, but I’m 99% sure there are no ongoing costs with Paysnap, I’m pretty sure it’s the platform I used for my free Takeaway project: https://www.templaterepo.com/freebies/

Once the client places the order and pays via Stripe (c1.4%) or PayPal (c.waytomuch%) you can setup Paysnap to return the client to a page of your choice, so in your instance you’d most likely have a form on that page, to gather data.

Stripe has no monthly charge, just a transaction charge. Paypal are a law unto themselves, so may or may not charge a monthly, depending on the way the wind is blowing, or the day of the week, or if you’ve seen a black cat that day, or whatever.

Hope that helps.

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The payment gateway (PayPal or Stripe) determines the type of payments not the cart.

Try out the demo from the link above, try the Foundry demo, add something to the cart, and select pay with credit card. That will bring up the Stripe payment page, and Apple Pay is there.

As for pricing, it’s a onetime price for paysnap and the on going gateway fees. I believe you have to pay those gateway fees with Cartloom in addition to the monthly store fees.

Cartloom offers a lot more, but you said you’re only selling a single product without digital delivery. Sounds as if you have no need for the “extra” features.

Paysnap is a one time payment to use the stack.

There are no reoccurring fees like Cartloom. It is also FAR less powerful than Cartloom as well.

Both Stripe and PayPal have their own fees which you can read about on their respective web sites.

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