Strange action while building site

Hi, Gang,

I don’t know where to begin. So, here goes…
I’m working on a new site, and after I have about ten or so pages, I find this really strange action going on.

In preview mode, if I click to go to a specific page, I see it flash of the page I clicked on and then I’m sent to another page.

Click on any other pages and in a flash I’m returned to the same page.
Now… all those pages have the PayPal stack in them. The ones that dont, don’t seem to be effected.

and of course, I removed the PayPal stack and that didn’t make a bit of difference. I even removed the page that RW kept returning to. And guess what? It now returns to another page.
For example:
In preview mode

Click on page gizmos
You see the page load for a second and then
you’re looking that page thingies
Click on page stuff
and you get sent back page thingies once more
If the page is one that you can use the PayPal stack, it will always returns to the thingiee page.
Pages like the home page, don’t see to be affected.

Like I said, i did remove the PayPal stack, but no joy!

tested pages with Safari, and the same results.

Running mac 10.12.6 with 12 GB ram.
Rapid weaver 8.7
Foundry stacks
Paypal stacks



Any chance one or more of your pages have the same folder name?

I don’t believe so. It’s only a few pages .

I did experiment a bit with the paysnap stack. I found that if I remove it all together and use the generated buttons, I don’t have the problem.

Now, according to parsnip, I need 10.15.x and I don’t have that, and can’t upgrade as my mac is too old. I don’t know if that is the problem or not


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