YabDab MapSnap Broken by Stacks 3 Update

I have a client with a real estate site that uses several MapSnap maps to show subdivision locations. Updated three pages following Stacks 3 update and when published none of the maps show on this pages. Example:

This is the second stack broken following the update.

Does this work in Preview mode? Because the live site appears to be getting some 404-not found on some of the expected parts of the page.

If the page looks OK in Preview, but is broken after then try republish all:

If it looks broken in Preview then there is likely a problem with the map stack that you’re using and you should contact the developer directly about correcting it.


Hi Isaiah, yes it appears in Preview mode fine. Also when I open it on a browser from the desktop.I don’t publish through RW but rather Transmit FTP. I just did a sync on those three pages. Its a very big site, do you mean export the entire site and re upload everything or just this pages? Thank you!

Ah… i think the short answer is: I think you left out some bits. :wink:

The longer answer is: if you’re updating to Stacks 3 – then there are probably some pretty significant changes throughout the site to things that will affect all pages on the site – the global stacks CSS, the jQuery library, etc. those are things that will probably need to be uploaded and then any pages that rely on those things as well.

And just in general – there are often times when using complex stacks that they might add some assets to the site-wide assets directory (this helps the browser cache larger objects between pages) – so you’ll probably want to find an FTP workflow that can pick up those items when they need syncing.


So are suggesting then that I should export the whole site again (not just changed pages), take the site down and republish the entire site? Yikes.

I agree with Isaiah - I think the site is missing some bits. I have quite a few S3 sites up with MapSnaps embedded - and all of them look great. You can see an example here.

Due to company policy, I have to edit the source code of my sites before uploading them to the server- so I pretty much do what you do (although I use Fetch). To keep things simple, I create a folder called “docs” at the root of each of my sites. Into this goes all of my warehoused items (images, movies, PDFs, etc). It makes it a breeze to upload new files, as well as to keep a full archive of my last good upload. To make things stand out even more, I use the color tags built into Finder - for example, any folder that never gets deleted is red (docs, MachForm, asp_client, etc.), orange is restricted via robots.txt (last good site goes in here), and green are generated by RW.



You’re using your own workflow for upload – so I wasn’t making any suggestions at all. I was just saying that your workflow appears not to be… well… working (awful pun intended, sorry).

Somehow the files need to get to the server. That’s all. Whatever works for you to do that is fine.

So my suggestion is: improve your custom workflow so it finds all the changed files. Or perhaps find a new workflow if you need to.

Some stuff I’ve seen work for others:
Coda will sync changes and you can do it manually if you’re really really careful. I use git and scp (unix nerd stuff) myself. It works for me and it’s fast – but, you know, it’s UNIX so it’s not for everyone. And, it goes without saying, RapidWeaver does this – and that’s certainly the easiest thing – I’m guessing you’re not using RW for some good reason tho.


So, based on what you guys are saying, if I export all of the files to my default folder, remove the files that are on my server, and then republish the site fresh, all should be well? I’m sorry, I’m a graphics guy :-). I’ll look into other upload methods, just need to fix this as easily as possible tonight. Thanks again, don;t mean to sound numb!

If it were me, I would…
Export my site from Rw to a folder on my desktop
Create a new folder on your server. Label it archived.
Then, move all of the folders (and index file) Rw previously created into it.
Then, using Transmit, move all of the folders & index page from your desktop to your server
This way, you still have all of your old files/folders…just in case.

I do this all the time- because I have to. It works great.

Sounds like a plan. Thank you so much

My recommendation: Just use RW. Republish the whole thing. Grab a beer. Relax for 20 minutes while it does its thing.
Notes: two beers may be necessary for large sites. this is a feature not a bug.


Unless you have a reason that forces you to export and manually upload (as I do), I totally agree with Isaiah. In most cases, I do exactly that- I let RW publish the site. It’s fast, efficient, and works. And, if you have more then one site you work on, the built-in bookmark feature works great.

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I don’t really. I guess over the years it seemed like when RW was updated a lot of the issues revolved around publishing. I just figured it might be safer to use an ftp program independent from RW. Maybe it’s time to revisit that theory :smile:

The release notes page might reassure you that, if there’s issues, we’ve worked (and continue to work) to fix them.


Thanks, Nik. I know you guys have done a lot to address the issues. Will give it a go

I’m using YabDab MapSnap (1.0.7) and Foundation (ver. 1.7.7) template and Stacks (3.1.0). When I’m activating MapSnap on one of the pages, it just delivers a blank box.

Yes! I suddenly lost all of my Mapsnaps today! Just blank boxes!

Could this be the Google API change that has affected other developers??

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Found that there was an update. That seemed to take care of it. Whew!

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