PDF embed by Joe , Having a problem

@joeworkman or any one else

I am currently using this stack here

How can you get rid of the mile long page between pdf’s?

I can’t seem to shrink it no matter what I do.

For some reason there is a 500% padding-top between instances of the stack. No idea why. You can override it for something more reasonable with this CSS in the page level CSS container:

.fluid-width-video-wrapper {
    padding-top: 100% !important;

That gets it all looking about right for me on desktop Chrome, but you may want to play around with it a bit/experiment or maybe someone else will have a better answer.



I have never done CSS before. is that exactly how I type it in? And how would I type it in?

Not asking you to do CSS, I’ve provided that part. You just need to copy it then paste it into the CSS container for that page.

Please don’t even attempt to type it in. Copy it then paste it.

Copy the snippet. In your project look in the page inspector (yes, the page that has the pdf’s on it). Click on Inspector then the HTML icon then you will see a CSS container box. Paste the snippet in there. Then preview. Done.



It’s working now. Thanks. Just having issues with Stacks now. lol…

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The theme is adding that fluid-video-wrapper to the PDF fro some reason. You may want to contact the theme dev so that they can make that work better.

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I am using your theme Wilderness with this. Just wanted to let you know.

It would probably be more beneficial for the developer to contact him directly

Hi Gary,
Will has a free Embed Stack https://stacks4stacks.com/embed/
It works fine on Wilderness


Ok well thanks guys, at least @joeworkman and @willwood know which theme I am using now.