PDF or (PrintBox)?

I would like my users to be able to download/print a (one page) product brochure.

At present I have the brochure in Resources.

I did have in mind though using Will Woodgate’s PrintBox Stack to set up a non-displaying version of the page’s key information. I thought this would be comparatively easy because I would be able to drag copies of the relevant stacks on the web page into PrintBox to set up the brochure, rather than create a separate document in say Powerpoint, save it as a pdf and then drag it into Resources and set up a link on the RW page to enable users to download it.

It would also mean that any changes to the web page could easily be copied into the PrintBox stack, instead of going through the whole process of creating a new pdf.

Apart from relying on users to be able to “save as pdf” if they want to save the brochure, are there any problems folks can see with going the PrintBox route?