PDF set to download doesn't

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I’ve seen this question posted before, but nothing seems to work for me.

I have a link on a website that is supposed to force a download of a PDF. It has been working for years. Now all of a sudden it won’t. Well, it downloads about 29k of a 454k file. So it basically leaves the file useless.

The only thing that is different is that I uploaded the new version of the PDF for this year. The PDF opens fine if I FTP in and download it. Just not when downloaded off the site.

Can someone check out the site and see if they get the same results?


I’ve tried using the HTML5 tag “download=filename.pdf” and I’ve used htaccess to force any pdf file to download. I’ve been using both methods for years and they’ve been fine.


Downloads just fine for me. But the resulting file, when I open, says it is corrupted. See screenshot.

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Right. It downloads on about 29k of the full 454k file. Not sure why.

Guess I’ll need to dig around more.

Why not zip the file, upload, place a link to the Zip. See what happens. If that also results in a corrupt file then you know the file is corrupated somehow. If not, I have no idea what the explanation is but at least you could us the zipped approach to auto-downloading.

Actually, I have done that. But it only downloads about 3k of the zip file so you get the same results.

Ok, so after not working for 2 days, it has now started working again.

Haven’t done a thing so I guess I’ll just have to blame it on the host (its the easiest thing to tell the customer).


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Normally…depending on browser…you should compress it first and link to the .zip file

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It opened in my browser 2 page nomination form

Yes, it has now started working again.

I blame it on the host since I haven’t done anything.

Had to double take there. First time I’ve read a form with “Date of Death” as one of the entries.

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