Performance of version 6.3

Version 6.3 is the worst RW version I have ever used. Load time of my project is annoying. I had to deselect the auto save feature, since this was blocking the application every 20 to 30 seconds. Very often, it seems that RW has crashed. The interface is blocked. Up to now it was a reliable tool! Now it is hard to use, thanks Realmac!

By the way, why you don´t you fix that annoying interface bug with the elements library pop up? All in all, RW is performance-wise a pain in the a…! However, there are no real alternatives available!


Sorry that this is your experience.

So that others do not feel put off, I must say, it’s not mine - works very well.

Maybe something else untoward is going on with your system; good luck :slight_smile: !

The appearance of the Stacks library isn’t controlled by RapidWeaver and this isn’t a part of RW itself. You may wish to file this feedback with the developer of Stacks directly.

Re Auto Save: If you’re using Stacks for your current page when Auto Save kicks in you may well see the beachball. We’ve added an option in RW 6.3.1 to turn off Quick Look preview generation which can be a source of slow-downs on Stacks pages.