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Hi everyone! I am stuck on how to implement this. Can anyone help?

I am setting up a site for a photo contest. I will be using something like Sitelok to create a registration page and a profile. Upon having their profile validated and paying the nominal entry fee ($5) the entrant should see in their profile links to allow them to upload ten (not less) photos. Each time they do that, a thumbnail of their uploaded image would appear beside the file upload button. Once all ten images have been uploaded, a “Submit Entries” button would become active. When they do that, the file upload buttons would disappear and the thumbnails of the images that they have uploaded would remain in their profile.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can implement the photo submission part of this project?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

  • Frederick

Not sure if if meets all the requirements or not but check out @instacks:

It does have a sitelok integration.

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There is a plugin for sitelok called user files that lets a user upload files.

That would get you started with the submission process

Thanks. I downloaded the manual for the sitelok stack and looked at the repository stack, but it’s just a file upload stack and a warehousing stack. Those I can already do but there are no conditions that I can set such as ten files, no less and activate the submit button when ten files have been uploaded. Also, I don’t want them changing their mind later and uploading different files. Once they submit their entries, it has to be closed to them.

I may be wrong but, I don’t think there is going to be anything “out of the box” RapidWeaver that is going to give that kind of functions and options.

There are quite a few “photo contest” online services like WooBox or Wishpond, but they are a bit expensive.

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