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Hi everyone!

I’ve been lurking on this forum for quite a while as I find a lot of answers to questions have been answered on here! I love this site and the people on it, it’s like a nice little rapid weaver community.

What’s I’d like to ask, is if anyone knows of any videos that show Sitelok and repository (for RW7) working together. I’ve watched the two videos provided by repository but I’d like more of an in depth tutorial on how it works and all the features. I’ve checked YouTube but no luck.

Also, I was wondering how I can ask users who upload photos to their profile, to crop their images to a specific size (predetermined by me). I did find a code for cropping images but I’m not sure where to add it or if it can work with sitelok.

Lastly, I was wondering if lightbox can be something I can use on an individual user basis, when logged in, so they can see all the photos they’ve uploaded to their profile.

Just to add, my site is completely offline atm, I’m building an entirely new site, so when published, it will overwrite my current pages. This means my site can only be previewed, not published to see changes.

Context: I work as a casting agent, so I have to get our actors to update photos regularly. Currently they have to have a headshot photo, a full length photo and a front, back and side photo, to show their hair. They also often do photo shoots, which means more photos. Atm, everything is done by online form (rapidweavers default contact form). It’s really tedious, as all the images have to be resized and cropped in to a thumbnail for our local access database. I’ve created a profile page which will be for each user, like them to upload photos, which also display on their profile in lightbox (unique to each user).

(Please be nice, I have ASD and I am very self taught in HTML/CSS, so I have some understanding of the language, but I don’t always know the right terminology for what I’m trying to say.)

Hi Danie,

If you are using a register or update profile form for the users to upload the photos I should be able to add a bit of code to adjust the photo to a specific size. It would be automated though and not a photo editor for the user to use. Contact me directly via support and I can take a look anyway.


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@Danie You have a lot of questions so it’s not easy to respond to all of them. It’s also useful to tag the developer @instacks as he can answer Repository questions better than all of us. @vibralogix has already responded.

I create course websites and use the combination of Repository and Sitelok all the time. They are a wonderful combo. It’s not clear to me, however, exactly what you want to do. Do you want each client to have their own Repository page? If so, how many clients are we talking about? When I use for course websites my students have individual login credential but they end up at the same repository page: i.e. I trust them not to delete/alter other student work. If it would be similar for you then that makes things much simpler.

Although I don’t use it much in this way, Repository does allow you to limit the width/height of images being stored. @instacks can speak better to this feature.

This is a website you probably want to test out before letting it “free” for everyone to see. Depending on your hosting I’d recommend setting up a subdomain where you can test out this new site. With many hosting companies setting up a subdomain is quite easy.


Thanks Adrian! I didn’t want to keep emailing you for everything :sweat_smile:.

As @Mathew said, there is a function in Repository Stack to adjust the image width and height of a JPG image during upload. Not cropping, though.

Only if you’re create a page for each user. In a future version this will be possible out of the box.

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Thank you. Yes, I found that image resize option. Creating a page for each user would not be feasible for me, as I have 2000+ artists. I’m happy with knowing it can’t be done, as I wanted to make sure I had not missed anything. :relieved:

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Thanks for tagging everyone for me, @Mathew. I got a bit carried away when I was typing this :sweat_smile:.
I wanted to create an online profile for each artist, where they can view their own uploaded photos and productions can log in and see their individual photos on their profile page via a lightbox gallery - a bit like a Facebook profile but for photos and measurements. I can definitely do a lightbox page for productions, so they can view all artist photos, with names as captions - I think this is the route I’m going to go down.

Cropping-wise, the artists have to send selfies to show their hair, for productions to see. Most of the time the photos have so much excess background on, so I need to crop them to the width I want and then resize them. When I have 2000+ artists sending 3 photos each, it takes so much time to crop them correctly.

Repository is something I’m going to be using to drop them certain documents for download, not for photos. I think you’re right about the subdomain though. I’ve been thinking the same… I’ve tried to avoid talking to my host as he’s a bit of a character :joy:

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@Danie It sounds like you have a pretty sophisticated cropping and resizing need for photos. No RapidWeaver product is ever going to handle that well. There are some great bulk photo cropping and resizing products such as Photobulk.

However, it seems from what you write that maybe your cropping needs can’t be accomplished with a regular bulk app. A more sophisticated product is Retrobatch. It comes in a regular and pro version. I would approach the developer of that app (Gus) and ask him if his product would handle your needs. I think it might, but not quite sure. This is mainly because of the ambiguity in terms of how you’d crop one photo compared to another per your description. You can find out more here:


Thanks Mat! I’ll check that out!

I don’t mind so much is I have to still manually crop photos, as I can mass resize them in lightroom.

Yes, I certainly do. That’s why I’m forcing my boss to go online for the bits the artists can handle themselves. I’m sick of manual data entry! She’s literally given me the company credit card and said, buy what you have to. Just upgraded from RW7 to 8 and I’m having a great time :joy:.

Next, I need to convince her to get rid of the horrible old access database that she’s had since 2005 :skull:

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