"Photo export errors"....issue with rapid weaver linking to "photos' app?

I’m running rapid weaver 5.3.2, which I used on my 2008 iMac. I just bought a new iMac and when I try to view my website in preview mode I get a “Photo export errors” message with the following:

There were 41 errors during the export:
Error exporting image thumbnail for Fallskylinepatterstudy (Image file is missing)

I feel like Rapidweaver is no longer linking to the "photos’ application that replaced iPhoto. Is there a way to remedy this? I’m concerned if I try to make changes and re-publish my website the images won’t upload. Is it simply a matter of upgrading my rapid weaver software or is there a simpler fix? Cheers.

I take it the new iMac is running High Sierra? If so, the only version that Realmac supports with High Sierra is RapidWeaver 7. I can actually run RapidWeaver 6 without issue, but I need to preview in a browser. I do not remember if RapidWeaver 5 can do that or not.

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