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Hi, i’m looking for a nice photo stack for my homepage.

Now i’m using the Photo Album, but it’s not really nice to watch this.

Have u any tips or hints?

Do you want just a plain image or a slide show of images? There are lots of options out there for slideshows. Joe Workman has a bunch:

Stacks4Stacks has a slider type stack as well. There are a lot of them out there.

If you want single images, you again have a lot to choose from. Best place to search is the Realmac Community Addon Section. Good luck in your search!!

Also Doobox does a montage stack, and instacks gallery stacks are good too, all fully responsive ;-).

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As others have mentioned there are tons of options. Well, okay, maybe just dozens of options: but there’s a lot to choose from. So if you tell us a bit more about what you’d like to accomplish stylistically then we’ll be able to narrow our recommendations for you.

If you do not warehouse your images then I would first recommend that. There are various ways to warehouse, but perhaps the best in many situations is by using the free Flickr. One very nice feature of Flickr (for a web designer) is you can upload the image in the biggest format (i.e. original image non-RAW) and then Flickr with auto-create a set of images that are various sizes smaller than the original. This gives you a lot of choices about which sized image to use on your webpage.

As an example, I use the $2 F-Stop to access to my Flickr images and for most of them I have them available in 10 different sizes in addition to the original size. That’s flexibility!

If you drag/drop images into RW (which I think lots of folks do with the built-in photo album) you can run into various problems over time.

Using Flickr allows you to use all/most of the above suggested stacks, but it also opens up the possibility of using Flickr stacks to auto-create galleries. There are a few good options here. Currently my favorite is Flickr Gallery by Rapid Ideas:

Another one I like a lot is Flickrgram:

And finally another general gallery stack that’s very flexible in the setup (you can use Flickr images or non-Flickr) is Box:

Hi Peter,

as Mathew points out, different options.

If you like to work with the standard photo album, but just want to pimp the output, have a look at Gallery Stack:
Thanks Gabrielle for mentioning :smile:

If you like the dynamic approach, e.g. displaying photos from a FTP / Web Folder or from an iCloud Photo Stream, have a look a Photostream Stack:

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