Photograph slide show

I have added a bunch of pictures to the stock photo album and want to use the thumbnails, the problem is the thumbnails are all blurry and it takes for ever for the photos to load. The photos are all .JPG and regular size. Is there a good slide show app that would work better?

There is - or used to be - a plugin called Weaverpix which was good for slideshows but you’d really be better off buying the Stacks plugin and then using one of the dozen-plus sliders to display your images.

And if you want to use the Photo Album, Marathia has this which works well. Still neds the Stacks plguin though.

There are great photo stacks available.
I like Nick Cate’s Photo.

Have you already ventured into image optimization?
Plenty of info available here on forum for it.

Hope you find what you are looking for!

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