Photostories from Jochen Abitz

(Philippe Henry) #1

Hi Jochen,
I’d like to build a family web site where I 'll have photo stories about wedding, travel, fashion.
How should I modify your Photostories packages in order to have them work together?
Or should I use only one of them for my project?
The main problem is how to modify the folders and which one to modify.
My main project will have a main menu with 6 items.
And the photostories should be in 3 differents sub folder of the item 5.
So i’ll have item5/travel, item5/weddind and item5/fashion subfolders.
Where should I put “your” folders?

(Jochen Abitz) #2

Hi Philippe,

I dont’t think mixing the 3 projects to one is a good idea.
Please shoot an Email to and I will answer your questions on that way.