PHP 7.0+ and RapidWeaver compatibility?

I currently use Bluehost web hosting service and they are getting ready to update their php to ver 7 from 5.6. Does anyone know if RW works ok with php 7.0-7.3?


Yes, I’ve been using PHP 7+ for years now with no issues with RW. I’m now on PHP 7.4, also with no issues.


Thanks for getting back to me. I went ahead an updated to 7.0 which was the next version (they have choices up to 7.3) and my websites seem to be functioning fine.

7.0 is no longer supported. It reached its ”end of life” back in January 2019.

7.3 is scheduled to have full ”Active Support” end in December 2020 (about a month out). It will continue to have security updates for another year.

7.4 is the current version, and really should be offered by your hosting company.


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