Php-versions expires

PHP 5.6 will expire on December 31, 2018, and PHP 7.0 on December 3, 2018. This means that those versions will no longer be supported or updated. Is PHP used in some of the exstentions, stacks etc in RW?

Lots of stacks use PHP and it’d be advised to upgrade to at least 7.0 (if not higher). It’s done differently depending on your host but many have it as an option in your cPanel and it takes only a few seconds

Active support for both 5.6 and 7.0 has already ended. both are under security update only mode. 7.1 will be in security update only in about a month. You should upgrade to 7.2.

Be very strong when talking with your host about updating as well. There are some hosts that will be wishy washy and I have even heard people say their hosts will NOT update versions. Give them the link to the PHP Wiki page:
So they can see when versions expire and what the latest versions are. I would go a step further then @jabostick and suggest you update to PHP 7.1 or higher if your host will support it. Not on a mac right now, but there is a way to make sure every new page you create has a filename of .php, it is in the preferences somewhere.

I wish there was a preference to set every new project as a php filename, but there is not. @dan @simon is this a possibility to do??


I would like to see all General and Advanced settings “user selectable” for each new project.

That might be the way to go. When you start a project, let people choose the settings at the beginning, publishing, filename and many others.

Force html to parse as php… (thus, you don’t even need rename your files - though doing so would be best practice I guess…) - this is one page showing how of many… (search “parse html as php”)

My host will upgrade to php 7.2. If my site’s code is compatible with the new PHP version, it will function as before, informs the hosting Can I trust it. Will it affect all or part of my website. Do I have to prepare my site for the PHP update? I’m not even sure if I have pages with php code.

Without knowing what is on your site it would be hard to tell. Most of the current stacks or plugins that use PHP in RapidWeaver will work fine with PHP 7.x. Some older stuff might not.
If a stack requires PHP RapidWeaver will change the file extension too. .php from .html. So you can check the file extensions in the inspector and see if they are set to `.php. Any mail form (contact pages) will require php to work.

You can also easily change the order in the server looks for the index pages. By default, most servers look for .html, .php and .cgi in that order. Simply add this line to the htaccess file to change the order:

DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.cgi
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Many thanks for the answers!

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