Picture Instead of Text in the Title

Hi Everyone!

How can I have a picture instead of text in the Title field? I’m using the Phelix theme.



Hi @Yeti,

Simplest way is to drag your image to resources and insert your resource link in the Title field. It isn’t great for SEO however. Are you putting your logo there instead of in the logo field?

Oh wow, thanks @JLF !!!

Yes, they are wanting their logo there instead… but I did fear that it would impact it’s SEO. Is there a way around that SEO hit by maybe sticking some kind of something (I know, very descriptive isn’t it?) in the code?


Oh, and @JLF… really, really, really, great of you to include screenshots to illustrate your point. That was awesome!


Here is a solution. Use the image from resources still, but now we will use it as a background image.

Type your page title into the Title field.

Add this code to the css in the code block. Adjust the width and height to match your logo image size and use your image name.

 .titleSlogan h1{
    width: 100px;
    height: 100px;
    background: url(%resource(L7.png)%) no-repeat;
    text-indent: 100%; 
    white-space: nowrap; 
    overflow: hidden; 

Then you have the logo and the Title text but the title text is moved off screen.