Platform vs Foundry

Need some help, I’m in doubt. What’s the difference between The two?
Platform has a 50% discount.
What’s the best solution buy Stacks + platform or Stacks + Foundry?
Thanks in advance.

There are of course other options if you are evaluating… Here is the most liked add-on on the RW Community site. :slight_smile:

And don’t forget UIKit and Source. Definitely worth a look as well.

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What really works for me is Obviously Stacks + Foundation 6.
It’s a really flexible and powerful set of stacks to built any layout you desire.
There’s a lot of videos to help you out get started, and here you find some really cool ready to use project files to give a boost to your design Foundation Box Project Files


Thanks. I will look into it.

Here’s a list of ‘Blank’ theme approaches: No particular recommendations here as I certainly haven’t tried them all - and no guarantees they are all still supported! It’s just a list.

Foundation 6 -
Immensely capable, very well supported, steep learning curve. Stacks based on Foundation 6 from Zurb foundation.

Foundry -
Has a lot of fans - well established, well supported

UI Kit -
Well respected with a number of die hard fans. However, I can’t get any of their sample projects to work? links do nothing?

Source -
Newer offering, lightweight ‘micro-framework’, inexpensive

Platform -
Newer offering, based on bulma platform

Pure -
Based on Yahoo Pure css library. Not sure how supported it is now? However 1LD are also doing:

Project Files -
New - described as ‘the power of a framework, for the price of a theme, in the convenience of a prebuilt RapidWeaver project file’

Freestacks -
Don’t think this is still active but may be wrong - ahead of it’s time!

Blank Theme from Will Woodgate -
Simple blank theme - use your own stacks or even built in RW pages.

Blankstrap -
Bootstrap approach from instacks


Good morning again @life3d

To get back to your original question, before it was derailed:

As you and I talked about when you emailed me yesterday morning – There’s really not a “best solution.” There’s really only what works for you.

I’d encourage you to look at the tools out there and do some research on what they offer and how they work. Check their documentation, videos, etc and see which one looks like it will fit your workflow the best.

If the features they offer isn’t what you’re focused on, and just need a framework of any kind for your project I’d definitely lean into the budget aspect. Any of the frameworks out there should get you a nicely designed site.



You are right Adam, I agree " There’s really only what works for you ".
I’m starting with Platform for now.
Thank you


Hi Mario,
I am working with Platform on 2 websites:
Hundefreunde EU
Sonnenhof Zendo
and they work nicely, only very small number of other developers stacks needed.
@jay is a very helpful and fast responding developer.

Good luck with platform and I am happy to help as a over 10 years user of Rapidweaver.


Looks great the website’s you are working on.
I notice some problems on the example sites Provided by the platform website.
On the iPhone 11 portrait size, doesn’t show all content.

For now everything is working for me. I will replicate this example to see if the same happens.

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