Please help i really messed up!

I’ve been using Rapidweaver for years andI apologize if this is a stupid question. I just exported my main website from #6 to the new Reapidweaver 7 and lost ALL of my photos!

I started a brand new website, constantly saved my pages - closed down at night - came back the next morning and ALL MY PHOTOS ARE GONE!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions???

Thanks in advance
Neil Brown

For now, go back to RapidWeaver 6, you should have the same RW6 project file saved (unless you deleted it) since RW7 does not overwrite your project files, but makes a new one. Then either slowly fix the RW7 one as time goes along.

On the support site, there is this suggestion - You could give that a try. Not sure if that is exactly what is happening to your site or not though.