Rapidcart Pro doesn't work

(Eddy Moerman) #1

I have made a very nice site but there is something wrong. If you go to the site there is a conflict I think because you can not select te items in de site, and the don’t go in the shopping bag?

Can somebody have a look. Maybe the people of RC Pro?


If you want I sent you the projectfile.

(Christopher Watson) #2

Link doesn’t work…

(NeilUK) #3

Saying “Rapidcart Pro doesn’t work” isn’t helpful, or correct, at all.

I have Rapidcart Pro working perfectly on at least 6 sites, my own and clients’.

(Eddy Moerman) #4

Sorry, I was busy whit the site… now its online

(Eddy Moerman) #5

Sorry, maybe I have to reform my question.

(NeilUK) #6

It seems to be working at my end. I was able to add items to the cart and then go to checkout.

(Eddy Moerman) #7

hmmm… which browser dit you use?

When I try it and push the ‘bestel’ button. Nothing goes in to my basket?

When I klik on the basket and then back on the logo in the left on the home page, Then it works fine… I am going crazy about this :wink:

(Eddy Moerman) #8

So when people are visiting our sit for the first time it doesn’t work like it suppose to.

When I shut down my browser… I have it again ???

(scott williams) #9

works for me first time, Chrome and safari

(NeilUK) #10

Have you got some kind of ad blocker on your browser?

I’ve tested it in Safari and Brave, works first time in both.

(Eddy Moerman) #11

Can it be some of the country settings?


Did yu try clearing the cache in your own browser? Works great for me in firefox. I am running an ad blocker.

I really want to buy every flavor you offer! That soup looks incredible!!!

(Charles Crawford) #13

I am having issues with RC Pro too. I get MySQL failed connection that go on our live site. Reached out to support on several occasions and have gotten no response back at all but the auto we got your request.

(Eddy Moerman) #14

Same here, no answer… maybe they stopped whit RC pro???

(Charles Crawford) #15

Eddy they sure had no problems taking our money when we bought the plugin I did report them to RW so they know how piss poor of a support job rc pro is doing

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #16

Hallo Eddy, leuke site, lekker eten :yum: