Rapidcart pro cart button does not work

this is my page wich made with rapidcart pro. Add to cart button does not work when you came directly at this page, but when you came from landing page all works. Can anybody tell me how can I create a working page with product? http://polandrussia.ru/pikabu/3544.php

Hi Steve,

can you write your message more understandable for lamer as me? RCP - rapid cart pro? what is HT - I do not knew

Thanks for reply, Steve

one more question: reapidcart offers to fill stacks store url (at the right part of the picture) and at the left you can see website scheme.
Is it need to fell smth in the form?

If you are creating your own store page by using stacks, instead of the using the standard Rapidcart Pro store page you need to put the url of the Stacks page you want to use. It isn’t that clear from your website scheme where that is, but it looks like you intend it being on your home page, in which case you need to put:
in the "Stacks Store URL"box.

The Rapidacrt Pro documentation is pretty comprehensive, its a while since I’ve looked at it closely but - the other thing you may want to do is check out the Rapidcart Pro tutorial that @ben published on the Community Site as part of the course Start Selling Online although this is a paid subscription I think that you can still get a free trial - which would give you enough time to complete all the Rapidcart Pro videos.



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