Rapid cart pro does not work properly - it not work even simplest properties

Hi everybody

I have a problem with products placeholders in rapid cart. Problem is in the lack of reaction when you press add to cart button.
I read a lot about how to fix it, someone told that I must write path in the settings, someone told than I have a problem because I use a rapid cart pro stacks like cart or product, but today I create a simple webpage in this way: created new project, added a rapid cart pro stack and add three products.
And you know what? <> buttons does not work in this page.

Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with it?

Also it could be nice if a someone from @realmac tell something here. Page with broken buttons is www.akwilon.info - page is terrible but this is a example made in three clicks

in attachment you can see than rw file is really simple - only rapidcart stack and three products added

rw project file download here

I’ve just loaded the page using OSX and Chrome and all three buttons add items to the cart. Looks to be working OK.


Hi again,

As I understood problem was in http protocol - website works fine when you came from HTTPS and bad from HTTP.
I switched off HTTP on my server - hope, it help

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