Moved Add Ons Folder-make RW add new items to new location

This falls between a heads-up for RW users and a wish RW handled this function differently. In RW’s preferences I moved my Add-ons folder to the Applications folder on my desktop Mac so I could copy them over to my laptop and keep them synced more easily (Dropbox doesn’t work well.) However RW is not intelligent enough to realize that’s where the Add-ons folder is, so when you download any new stack or plugin it puts it in the old Library/Application Support/Rapidweaver/Stacks folder. Then you need to go in and move it manually otherwise when you open a RW project it doesn’t have access to any new items. So heads up if you choose to move your Add-ons folder from the default location. Wish RW was intelligent enough to know the folder has been moved and automatically add your new items to the new location.


What you are seeing may perhaps be due to the fact that /Applications usually needs special permissions to manage - different from everywhere else.

Since the introduction of this feature in RW7 I have had mine in DropBox and it was worked flawlessly in every single case.

Maybe you could try another location and see if you have better luck?


Mark, thanks for the reply. There appear to be potential issues with Dropbox that are discussed between myself and Ashley Karyl here:

Aside from the fact that I might need to access them when there is no internet, which is another reason for not using Dropbox. I still would like to see this added as a feature, or corrected within RW itself if possible.

The easier way is to move the add-ons folder where you want it, then go into RW and set it. From then on, it should install all add-ons in the correct place and if you’re copying back and forth to each computer, all you have to do is copy new add-ons into that folder.



I suppose I’ve been lucky with DropBox. I more or less have to use it because I work with RW in two locations.

Even if DropBox were unavailable, RW would access local versions of your files on your machine.

I’d try moving them to some other location - maybe in your ~/Documents folder and see whether the process that Lisa describes you’re still having probs. Good luck!

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