Plugins not loading with Big Sur & M1 Chip

Plugins FormLoom, PayLoom, Mobilize, Sitemap are not loading, and producing an error when I load Rapidweaver. I have removed the use of FormLoom, PayLoom and Sitemap from all my sites, but the message still appears. I have also removed the check mark next to the plugin (under addons) assuming this would keep Rapidweaver from attempting to load these addons. I then went back and deleted all the old rapidweaver files I had (rw6, rwsw, etc.) but the message still appears.

I searched the FAQ and found someone who reported a similar issue back in May 2020, but it was under Catalina and there was really no answer to the post.

Maybe this:



Not all plugins are coded for M1 yet. The latest FormLoom actually is though. Your choices are to remove the plugins from the system folder, or run RW via Rosetta (as mentioned).

What I want to do is remove the plugins. I unchecked them hoping they wouldn’t be loaded. How exactly can plugins be deleted?

You need to locate the RapidWeaver addons folder.

You can get to it multiple ways, preferences>addons, button at the top of RW. Menu item.

Anyway once you get to the addons manager there’s a button at the bottom reveal in finder.

You can finder them there. Delete them and relaunch RW.


Thank you so much, as that resolved the issue. I was looking for them in Finder, and not sure exactly what to delete. Your solution worked perfectly.

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If you get the latest FormLoom you will at least be OK with that one.

btw my favourite way to get to the plugins folder is simply to hit cmd-7

M1 compatible Formloom can be downloaded here…