Plus Kit @Import not working after update

I’m pretty sure I noticed a Plus Kit 4 update very recently which I duly installed. Now however, my @imports are not working on published sites. Initially they didn’t work in in Preview either and this required a look at the Plus Kit controller page and re-enabling import of Stacks pages. I have marked all pages as changed, republished all files and refreshed my browsers - all to no avail. I just get the @import text appearing. Only applies to published sites - Preview is OK. Anyone got any clues?

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hmmm… i’m afraid i don’t have many guesses on that one. there’s not supposed to be any differences between Preview and Publish.

were you just updating from an earlier version of PK 4? or from something before that?

i suspect that we’ll probably want to have a look at your RW project file – so it might be wise to just have you contact


Solved - I needed to enter the serial number again for some reason - mystery.

OK. That makes sense. Although why is definitely a mystery. Were you updating from PK 4? Or an earlier version?

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