PlusKit -- Need your input

(Isaiah Carew) #1

Hey guys, I’m getting things together for a new release of PlusKit – one of the plugins that I’ve taken over from LogHound.

PlusKit is pretty complex and I’ve only been looking at the code for a few weeks, so I want to make sure that I’ve got everything working well before I push it out the door.

I would love to hear back from existing PlusKit users about how well this new beta version works.

Download: PlusKit v3.0.0 beta 1

You can read more about my work on the LogHound plugins on the YourHead Blog.


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(tim parsons) #2

Hi @isaiah i am pleased you are hoping to keep PlusKit going i use the @import(()) extensively within a Weaverpix page.

However i am pretty sure that i have had correspondence with you in the past, when you said that PlusKit used Software hooks into the RW6 code that would render it unusable in RW7 !

Have i got that correct ? but i do hope i will be able to use @import(()) in RW7 so hopefully you will be able sort it out.


(Rob D) #3

Hi, @isaiah, could you give us some description of what is new or changed in this new beta as opposed to the older version from LogHound?

(Isaiah Carew) #4


That is definitely not correct. I’m sorry if I ever conveyed that idea – I can’t imagine having ever said anything like that at all.

Plugins needed to be completely recompiled for RapidWeaver 6 (when we moved from 32-bit to 64-bit) but that same sort of compatibility cliff doesn’t exist here. RW6 plugins are compatible with RW7.

There are, of course, many improvements in RW7 that we can make in plugins – but i’m not allowed to talk about those yet. :wink: :speak_no_evil:

(Isaiah Carew) #5

@Rovertek - With any luck: no changes at all. :wink:
The goal was to recompile for the RW7 frameworks, update to the latest mac os x sdk, and replace the LogHound registration system with the YourHead registration system.
So, for registered users the experience should be identical. If it’s not, then I’ve done something wrong.

I’ll be making improvements later – for now it’s just a matter of keeping the lights on. :slight_smile: :bulb:


(Harry Logtenberg) #6

I did a test with an old project and now used Pluskit (3 beta) in conjunction with the RW7 and free stacks. (stacks 3)
Have only tested the @import function.

@import in the sidebar and footer.
the imported stacks are build with different stacks.

I exported The project local and use MAMP.
To my surprise everything works and I got no problems with this function :slight_smile:

Cheerful greetings,


(tim parsons) #7

Oop’s, very Sorry Isaiah, i have obviously got the wrong person.


(Isaiah Carew) #8

@agl75 - woo hoo! thanks for the feedback. really appreciated.

i think we’re go for launch – i just need to get the yourhead website published with some new pages for PlusKit – if only i had some nice, user-friendly, way to build web pages. :stuck_out_tongue:


(Scott Steven) #9

The only odd thing is that there is two locations for the registration button . Probably just need one. I use it on updating a project and it worked fine with google docs sheets and with @import .

(Scott Steven) #10

Other nice feature for later maybe is that instead of google docs etc how about Pages Numbers and Keynot from iCloud. that would retain formatting of content such as charts etc .

(Isaiah Carew) #11

@scottsteven - yes – that extra reg button was there for historical reasons. i’m trying not to make too many UI changes for these first versions – but you’re probably right.

as far as iCloud – that sounds like a very good idea – but i’m afraid you’ll have to ask someone else. after 3 years of fighting with my iCloud account trying to make even the most rudimentary things work i’ve thrown in the towel and moved on.

here’s the details:

my opinion’s of iCloud could not be much worse. i’ve lost more money and time to that technology than almost anything else (shakes fist at twitter).


(Oscar Schmid) #12

Here a little test with RW 7 and PlusKit 3 (also in RW 6).
Import of various stacks players in a blog page.
… and PlusKit Fancy Box works fine (image must be in a text stack, just as in RW 5, 6 with PlusKit 2)

I would say it works very well :wink: