PlusKit Update - Beta Milestone

Hi folks, I’ve got a bit of an update on our progress with PlusKit.

I posted on the forum a while back what our plans were and where it was headed.

Today we’re releasing PlusKit 4.0 beta 2. With an improved UI, improved RW 7.1 compatibility, and much faster exporting.

If you’re using RapidWeaver 7.1 and PlusKit, and especially if you’re experiencing problems or crashes, it is probably worth taking some time to try it out.

PlusKit 4 will be a paid upgrade when the final version arrives, but for now while we’re beta testing we’ve disabled all the registration – so anyone can have a play with it if they like.

Please take a minute to read through the release notes before using this version. Thanks.

Download: PlusKit 4.0 beta 2
Read Me: Release Notes