PlusKit -- So Many Questions Answered

First off, I’d just like to say thanks for all the positive feedback we got from PlusKit users. You guys are awesome!

We’ve had a ton of great feedback, and some great questions, a lot in private support emails – and I thought I’d take a minute and share some of the common ones for everyone here on the forum.

Basic Stuff

How do I get it?

Does PlusKit 4 work with RapidWeaver 7 (7.1, 7.2, etc.)

Yes! PlusKit 4 was built specifically to take advantage of the 7.1 and 7.2 API and features.

Does PlusKit 4 work with RapidWeaver 6 (5, 4, etc.)

No. PlusKit 4 needs the new API from the latest versions of RapidWeaver to work. But PlusKit 3 works very well on those older versions of RapidWeaver. So you should stick with that.

Buggy Stuff

It crashed. Help!

We want your info!!!
Getting crash reports, files that misbehave, or details of the crash are really helpful to us in fixing those crashes – even if it only happened just once – even if you’ve already worked around the problem. Sending us your crash reports (to: will help other PlusKit users avoid that same crash in the future.

It doesn’t work with _____ and _____.

PlusKit is a powerful tool. And also a flexible one. Because there are many combinations of page types it works with, there are (very literally) millions of use cases. We test TONS of them, but we can’t test them all. If you’ve found one that doesn’t work, come talk with us. We’d love to see that example, get it working, and/or help you work around the problem.

@#$@##%%@# (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Breath. Take a walk around the block. It’ll be OK. It’s just software. We’ll get it working.

I know big new releases can be frustrating. And I know a few expletives can be cathartic. And sometimes that helps. So don’t worry, send your email anyway, we’ll just just overlook the exuberant bits.

@import Stuff

Can I import things into a Stacks page?

Yes! Content that you import into a stacks page will show up when you Preview or Publish a page. We recommend that you import simple pages into Stacks pages. The simpler the better.

Can I import a Stacks page into other things?

No. OK, that’s not really true. You technically can import a Stacks page into another page – but you definitely shouldn’t.

Stacks (and a lot of the more complex pages – like blogs, photo galleries, CMS’s, and stores) contain more than basic content. They include complex CSS and page structures that may not behave well inside of other pages.

PlusKit 4 includes some tips in the settings to help you decide which pages work well together. Read it. Know it. Live it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There are some very very limited use cases where doing even the “bad” stuff can yield good results. However you may need expertise in HTML to take advantage of those.

  • If HTML isn’t your thing, then stick with the simple pages and you’ll be A-OK.
  • If HTML is you, then awesome – go for it – but you’re probably going to have to work through the issues you uncover yourself.

Can I import a Stacks page into another Stacks page

You should really just use a Stacks Partial for that. Partials are infinitely more powerful and efficient.


How much is PlusKit

PlusKit 4 is $19.95. If you own a previous version you can upgrade for about half off, or $9.95.

Who qualifies for the upgrade?

Anyone that owns any previous version of PlusKit.

If I bought PlusKit recently, can I get the upgrade free?

Of course! In fact if you bough PlusKit from YourHead Software at any time – yes all the way back to March 2016 – the serial number you already have will automatically unlock PlusKit 4. It just knows and works like magic. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :dizzy:

I bought PlusKit from you last summer (2016) how do I get the free upgrade?

You probably don’t need to do anything. Just install PlusKit 4. The existing serial number you were using will magically unlock PlusKit 4.

I need help finding my serial number

Contact our support folks. Make sure to include the email address you used to purchase PlusKit.

Who, What, Why

Who wrote/writes PlusKit?

LogHound Software built PlusKit but handed off the reins to me last year. YourHead Software (that’s me and Christi) took over PlusKit and have been making small updates and fixes since then. This is our first big LogHound software upgrade.

What is this?

PlusKit is a pretty interesting tool. It does something very simple in principle: it catches content as it’s being published and can modify that content on the fly. In practice that tends to be pretty involved – but has some very interesting applications.
The vast majority of user use PlusKit for the @import feature to bring content into a place where it doesn’t normally go.

Why the Upgrade?

RapidWeaver 7.1 introduced a variety of speed enhancements that included making extensive use of threading (running on more than once microprocessor at the same time). That’s great, but it comes with some new requirements. And the existing PlusKit publishing engine couldn’t quite do it. In many cases it worked, but in many cases it didn’t – or just wasn’t very robust (it crashed a lot).

There was just no simple way around these problems. So we put all our other projects aside about 3 months ago and redesigned the bit of PlusKit that does the “catch” and “publish”. This engine was rebuilt to be thread-safe and handle unexpected conditions more gracefully. In the process it also got a lot faster and more memory efficient.

But this was a huge amount of work – and about ¼ of our engineering budget for 2016. So we knew that it was time to pass the hat around and make this a paid upgrade.

If you have any other questions feel free to shout them out or send them to

If you need help with a specific issue, please post a new thread. The forum works best that way. :smiley:

We also have a Slack channel and you can come chat in real time:


I really like the idea of PlusKit “catching contentment and modifying it on the fly”…:sunglasses:


well done this is the one plugin that is installed on every project.

After reading this post and checking out the PK link, I really do not understand what PlusKit uniquely and actually does for a web site.

It was obvious what PlusKit provided in the days before Stacks. These days it seems to provide value to a few folks with special needs, but much less obvious help for many of us. Pre-Stacks, or for awhile Post-Stacks, I used PlusKit all the time. But since plugins (except for Stacks itself) are a bit of thing of the past, I find the need for something like PlusKit has decreased very much. I’m not particularly sure why I would buy it at this point. And I say that knowing Isaiah is an outstanding developer.

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I got it solely for the FindPlus, I find it invaluable.
For example I’m going to be making a nonsecure site (http) secure (https) shortly, it has a lot of warehoused images, mostly in partials. Once I’ve gone and changed all the obvious links I’ll then search for http:// to trackdown the rogues so I can change them to https://
I’ll drop PlusKit into the site, do my edits and then when done remove it.

@PaulRussam, Does it fiand and replace or just find? Wow would I love to have something that would do a find & replace on a page. (think cms id’s and duplicating pages)

@PaulRussam That’s a great example! I forgot about FindPlus. With my workflow it doesn’t really help much as I have alternatives for doing this. But for someone in a similar position as you it’s a great time saver!

Find only, as much as I’d like replace it would be so fantastically dangerous, even using my example I could easily screw over the entire site by accidentially changing http:// to https:/ and then after a panic changing / to //
The only way I want a replace would be if it was behind 10 ‘Are you sure you want to do this??’ prompts and then a forum ban for my user for 72h.

LOL, @PaulRussam - I see your point. But in my use case it would be a fabulous time saver.

I mentioned to Joe that it would be a great thing to have a cms id prefix stack that would add a prefix (user defined) to all cms id’s contained within it. He said he had something in the works so it will be interesting to see what he developes.