Podcast 38 today?

(Mark Sealey) #1

Any news of it, please - it’s usually available by this time on a Thursday…

(Brad Halstead) #2

@MarkSealey, they are likely sleeping now, maybe tomorrow, but it is missed for sure.


(scott williams) #3

Oh no!
Could the 37 week streak be broken?
Say it isn’t so

(Mark Sealey) #4

Let’s hope it’s just delayed in appearing - and than Ben and Dan are on their usual form…

(mark hunter) #5

Oh no, nothing to listen to on the regular Friday roadtrip now!

Hope they are both OK…

(Dan) #6

Really, really sorry, @ben is ill this week so we’ve had to miss it :frowning:

The streak is broken, Maybe we’ll do two next week to make up for it!

Sorry again.

(Brad Halstead) #7

Hope Ben gets better soon and nothing serious.

Best wishes and speedy recovery

(Mark Sealey) #8

So sorry to hear that, Dan!

Best to you both - and thanks for 37 so far :slight_smile:

(Dan) #9

Thanks guys, we’ll be back on track next week!!!

(Jody Joy) #10

Hi Guys, just started browsing the Podcasts and started with #5 Wear Your White Hat. I’m hoping that all podcasts are not quite like this, but here’s my feedback at 8:55 minutes into it. Maybe you wanted to create a chummy and talkative “feel” to the podcasts, but there’s too much banal chit-chat. I mean you don’t have to drop the entire routine and go all dry, sober technical, but being more concise and to the point would be helpful. #5 is 45+ minutes long, I don’t have time to listen to the whole thing just to cherry-pick the good bits. I’m looking at the list of podcasts and trying to figure out if it’s worth listening to them and scrubbing through to try and find actual information.

Perhaps as you did more of these you upped your game and delivered more of the info in a timely fashion and found a balance between friendly casual and concise, solid tips. Don’t misunderstand, I greatly appreciate the effort and thank you for making them available, my feedback is just to tighten up a bit.

(Mark Sealey) #11


Ben and Dan reduced the off-topic content significantly in later podcasts.

Thankfully, their friendly and approachable tone and style are still evident.

But there’s much more material relevant to RapidWeaver users now than in the episodes you’ve heard. Stick with them!

(Jody Joy) #12

What a relief Mark!! I enjoy their approachable style but (at least in #5) it could all have been said in 15-20 minutes. I will persevere.

(ben) #13

nothing serious everyone, just a bad cold. We’ll be back again, as normal, on Thursday :smiley:

(Scott Steven) #14

maybe hard to do at the Pub

(Doug) #15

Try listening at 1.5X. That’s how I listen to pretty much every podcast.

(ben) #17

We always posts the episodes here http://rapidweavercommunity.com/podcasts

Or you can subscribe in iTunes here https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-rapidweaver-show/id1030257157?l=en&at=11l5U5&ct=podcast

Or just search for “The RapidWeaver Show” in any podcast app :slight_smile:

(ben) #19

See my reply above. You can listen on the Community site, or just search for “The RapidWeaver Show” in any podcast app :slight_smile:

(Dan) #21

Good news! We recorded episode 38 today, it will be out tomorrow (Thursday 28th) as usual :slight_smile:

(Mark Sealey) #22

Thanks, Dan and Ben; good luck!