Episode 23: Why should I blog?

Ben is joined by Nik to discuss why you should start your own blog. They also cover the latest RapidWeaver updates, community news and answer your questions!


We mixed the format up a little this week, do let us know what you think.

Happy Weaving!

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@dan, great show and discussions!

Lacked the humour aspect that we have all come to enjoy a bit I think, way shorter than past episodes, Nik must be a no nonsense kind of guy lol


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Thanks for the feedback, we’re still trying to find the right balance of the podcast being entertaining and educational :slightly_smiling:

Give us another 29 shows and we should be much closer to finding the right balance :stuck_out_tongue:

btw. I’m still amazed we manage to do a podcast every week about a Mac app. Go Weavers!



Don’t get me wrong, it was a great show and very impressive you have kept it going for 23 episodes plus 3 subscriber episodes… AMAZING and appreciated very much by myself and I am sure a host of others in the Community. It’s tough sometimes to make the time, find the people, organize a time slot across Time Zones, edit, post etc and I am very appreciative of the commitment you guys have made to keep this Podcast going. Nice to hear Nik on the Podcast too without having to ¼ speed the playback lol

I can’t think of any negative feedback on the site at all even when names are butchered :wink: although you may have received some via email, I am not privy to that aspect :wink:

Keep up the Awesome work!


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I love the podcasts, both entertaining and informative, couldn’t ask for more than that.


@Turtle I’m glad I didn’t have to drink several double-espressos to be able to read at 4x speed this week :wink:



I’ve not yet listened to this week’s.
The podcasts started well. Went downhill recently and the 4x speed bit was the culmination.
Hopefully there’ll be more content to discuss (and string the whole thing out) when RW7 comes to light.

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Please let us know why you think they went downhill recently. We’re new to this podcasting game, so we’re still trying to find the right balance and make them as useful as possible :slightly_smiling:


I’m not sure what to say without offending. Plus I’ll get the RW aficionados slagging me off. But here goes anyway:

As an insight into the brotherly love between the counsell brothers the podcast does a fine job. About half of the ‘show’ now consists of your weekly update of each others personal activities. Hence 50% of the show could be considered in no way ‘useful’ for anyone thinking they were going to get a full podcast of RW tips, tricks or advice.

I’ve got no real problem with this, and some of the antics have been quite amusing, but this idea of making each successive cast longer than the last is exacerbating the balance between quality RW reporting and the Counsell soap opera. Nik speed reading the RW7 list being a prime example.

The best cast you did (in my opinion) included the story of your pioneering days and the trip to the Apple developers conference. Similarly the stories around ‘Button Maker’ have been interesting.

Could we have some more ‘behind the scenes’ of RapidWeaver maybe?
Tell us about the team. Who they are, what they do.
Tell us about the companies history. How it started, employee progression, when Ben joined.
Tell us about differences of opinion between the Counsells (but keep it RapidWeaver related not private stuff).
Tell us about the version history (I started with RW3).
Tell us about how the third party odd on market started, especially Stacks. Did Isaiah approach you? Is there any policy involved.


Firstly, Thank You For Doing The Podcasts… This sort of thing takes a lot of work, more then most people realize. Since you are asking, I am happy to offer a couple quick production tips, hope you find them useful.

  • Keep it clean.
  • You guys seem to have fun and witty personalities. Let them come through while maintaining a professional presence.
  • You all ready have somewhat of a format (Show Flow) which seems to be nice. Think of each show like telling a story, give it a beginning, middle and end.
  • Allocate set amount of time for the overall podcast and each of it’s sections.
  • Keep it all manageable, doing this thing takes a lot of work as I am sure you are aware, the key will be to sustain it so listeners can rely on it for fun and engaging RapidWeaver news and info.

Kind Regards,

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Nice list of suggestions @ricinport! Truly! I have to ask why you’re not posting these sorts of things when the call for questions comes each week for that weeks Podcast? Without Community feedback, they are doing their best to come up with content and information without having an idea of what the Community wants. You have given them some great feedback and for that, I am thankful.

Brad :+1:

Thanks for all the feedback guys, we’re taking it all onboard.

Hopefully Episode 23 is more to everyones liking. We mixed up the format and tried to keep it more informative and to the point. Hence the shorter show time.


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When @nikf is on the show, it’s the only time that I cannot listen at 2x and understand everything.

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Lol @joeworkman.
It never occurred to me to speed things up a bit to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ :wink:

Easy now, we’re only human.

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For the reasons you give, I managed about a minute of one of the podcasts before quitting. I won’t risk the waste of my time again!

If the podcast sticks to the point - RW tips, tricks and advice - then the personalities of the speaker(s) would shine through without needing to clutter/resort to irrelevancies .

@mog1, Sounds like this podcast is probably not for you.


Evidently not! Bur assuming you would like your podcasts to be listened to/watched by every RW customer, surely you would be open to suggestions for room for improvement.

@mog1 The podcast is supposed to be a light-hearted, less formal look at everything RapidWeaver related.

If you’d looking for straight to the point information, you should check out our ever growing list of tutorial videos on the community site - http://rapidweavercommunity.com/video-tutorials/series


Harsh! Very harsh. You only listened for one minute :sob:

Maybe give it another go when you have say, 30 minutes to spare, and can listen to a whole show!