No podcast this week?

@dan still enjoying SF?

Recorded today, should be out by tomorrow :smiley:


It’s alive!



I’ve got to say that this show has been a real saving grace to me.

During a time when I was unable to be online due to needing to focus on some family matters, it allowed me to still have a connection to the community that I am so fond of.

Thanks @dan and @ben!

Oh, and once you hit episode 52 I vote we switch to The Beaver and Bison Show :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks Brandon. That’s so nice to hear, it gives me hope and makes the podcast feel like it’s worth the time and effort it takes.

Also, The Beaver & Bison show sounds like a great idea, not sure what we’ll talk about though…



@dan @ben

Thanks for this show. Always enjoying.

For “after episode 52”, maybe do a bi-weekly show if every week is too time consuming.

Cheers, Jannis

Lol, just fill it with all of my favorite parts of The RapidWeaver Show; coffee, beer, and life.

All that stuff that @ben probably trims down a bit.

In fact, I would love an ‘uncut’ or ‘extended’ version of the podcast to be released. :smile:

UPDATE: I just started listing to the podcast to find the first sentence is BEN: Right, no edits.

My comment about ‘uncut’ was completely coincidence. :slight_smile:

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Missed you guys last week, thanks for another great show. I’m sure it takes a lot of work to put out the show once a week, but I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn new things each week, and hope you can keep it going in some form. Perhaps a @jabostick solo spinoff? It seems he is ready for prime time. And as the real @jabostick pointed out on the forum, he is in fact Canadian, and therefore possibly an authority on both beaver and bison, so there are plenty of opportunities for cross-marketing, Marvel style. The Rapidweaver Universe is ripe for expansion here.

In any case, I really enjoy the show, and not just for the coffee talk, American accents, and virtuosic displays of non-English language skills. Sometimes I even learn something about building websites. Like the best teachers, you always find a way to slip some learning into the fun times. Please keep it going.


Just reached the part where you talk about my feature request.

Thanks for taking the time to discuss this!

I did end up going into much more detail about this in the original thread.

It’s rather long so I will simply provide a link :slight_smile:

I agree Brandon,
I look forward to taking a “RW podcast break” every week and have caught several bits of helpful info about RW as well as checked out several new add-on’s that I heard about on the podcast.

Keep going guys!

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I wondering where you had gone! Hopefully everything is ok with you and the fam. Good to have you back.

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Missed Mr. Jabo Stick in the podcast :wink: