📻 [Podcast] Ask us anything. Episode 39. 4th May

As always, @dan and I will be recording this weeks podcast on Wednesday. If you have a question about RapidWeaver, web development, or anything related to web sites, ask here.

We’ll do out best to answer your questions on the show :slight_smile:

I know this is not RapidWeaver or web design related, but since the podcast will be on May 4 (May the Fourth) I have to ask these:

  1. What is your favorite Star Wars movie?
  2. What is your favorite Star Wars character?
    May the Fourth Be With You!!
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  1. Are the major issues resolved with RW7 beta and just performing fine tuning at the moment prior to GM?
  2. Anything Beta testers should be specifically checking to make sure working as expected prior to GM?
  3. How’s the coffee over there? lol Has the island run out yet from your caffeine abuse during development?

These may best be answered on your next build release notes/email… if not the Podcast :slight_smile:


Is there a definitive date for RW 7 Release?

You mentioned that there would be some form of “compensation” to those who contributed to the beta testing. Let me throw you out a possible benefit. How about some months of free subscription of the silver subscription?
I think that we are all expecting to pay for the upgrade, but a subscription to the extra tutorials would be a bonus. Who knows, It may turn out that we find enough value that we will extend the subscription or maybe even go for the gold!
Good for us and possibility/probably good for you.

Will you be continuing to support RW5.x after the launch of RW7?


Hmm free swag is always nice. I will be one of the first to buy the upgrade I am sure.
Even the Beta as of right now has been rock solid for weeks for me.

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