Podcast solutions

What is the approach to doing podcasts with RW?

Best solution for me at the moment is Poster 2 Stack by Jannis Rondorf at Instacks software - https://instacks.com

I’ve always found it tricky getting the RSS validated by iTunes but Poster makes it easy to do this. Put the detail in the stack and it generates a nice RSS.

You might need to make a couple of adjustments - I run it through a validator first to check - but it passes iTunes validation easily in my experience of hosting a couple of podcasts, and Apple is quick to accept submissions these days. Both mine took a day which is much better than it used to be.

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Can you point me to you site? I’d like to see how you are using it.

Sorry Vinnie - missed this somehow :o(


The downside of hosting podcasts with Rapidweaver is that you need a lot of bandwidth if you have a lot of listeners because the podcast hosts like Apple, Amazon or Backtracks just tap in to your RSS. Fortunately I don’t have that problem :joy:

I have had some issues with the quality of the feed but that’s been because it hasn’t liked some of my characters - mainly curly quotation marks. You just have to run it on an RSS validator and it highlights the bits it doesn’t like so you can easily correct. If you don’t the podcast will be erratic - episodes missing, that sort of thing.

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