Pop Up Window when using "Submit"

Hi there.

Am using the Endeavor theme.

On the contact page - at the bottom - a person can click on the “submit” button to send the information - and this works well.

Is there a way to create a “pop up window” when the submit button is clicked to let the sender know their submission was successful?



Hey there…

Still looking for a solution…




Sorry, no solution for a pop up window.

But, your mail-plugin create a page with a “submission succesfull” message (Email sent feedback).
Which plugin you use?

I wrote this blog post a few years ago which provides some insight into a few modifications that can be made to the stock contact form page type supplied with RapidWeaver:

One of the hacks lets you dim the contact form and display an overlay success message, when the form is submitted.

Thanks - this looks very cool - will definitely try to get this up and running!

Thanks for the response - yes I have that screen option you posted - but doesn’t seem to generate the message…



With this code in the "Email Sent Feedback, you can refer to a specific page.
But the contact-form must generate this page. And that must work :wink:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=http://www.your-site.com">

Hello Will
Thank you for the link. Very interesting codes!

In case someone else was looking for a solution - I came up with a quick way to let the sender know something has changed on the page - that appears more obvious.

As Oscar pointed out - there is a section that has the “Email Sent Feedback” message. I changed the colour of that message to green.

Now when someone hits send - the message that your email has been sent is green - and more apparent…


you could always buy Formloom 3 which a) gives many more options for the form and b) gives options for custom pages on success and/or failure of form

Love the CSS code willow. For some reason, I can move the sent message up higher in the page, and I can change the color of the text, but not the size of the font. Need it to be bigger, but font-size seems to do nothing no matter what numbers I enter. Any help is greatly appreciated! (using Tesla Pro w/ RW6)