Popover Button is not functioning in Rapidweaver (Foundry stack)

I am using Foundry on my Rapidweaver. I tried to use the Popover button on my Foundry project and it appears not to function at all.

Anyone can advise what is causing it not to work. The documentation on Elixir is just straight forward. However in my experience last 24 hours nothing seems to be working with this button.

Have you selected the proper theme? You should have the Foundry theme selected.

Ok… I didn’t know that. Now that I got the Foundry theme selected it works.
Thanks Adam.

Not a problem. The initial setup, which includes selecting the theme is a part of the Quick Start tutorials.

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One quick question… I got the Backgrounds stack. However I cannot find any documentation on how to get it to work well. Any suggestions.

That is not a stack I produce. You’ll need to consult the developer of that stack.

Noted with thanks

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