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Hello all,

Unfortantly i was to late by adjusting my original post. So i restarted it now including with a link tot the site.
I am creating a website for a blogger/writer with a small bookshop (only 3 items).

The site can be currently viewed on Test jetidskes.nl

the site is bases on the Lunar theme with a nice banner picture on each page.

On the shop page the cart is completely on the top of the page on so partly on top of the picture.
Is there a possibility to move the position of the cart. for example below the banner or on the bottom of the page. Or even in an extra content area.

Thanks for helping out.

In the projects custom css field for the site, add:

	top: initial;
	bottom: 0;

This will pull the cart to the bottom of the page as requested.

You will also need to add :

    padding: 0 0 39px 0 !important;
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Thank you DooBox that went quick :slight_smile:

Check my edit. You also need to rectify the body css.

added it and the body moved from the top.

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