Possibility to change Export format

Hi there

I am new here I previously used blocs.

I love many features of Rapidweaver however I do no like the exported site format

It is not as clean as blocs, is there anyway one can change the export format

make 1 image folder with all image

  1. style.css file
    and all pages as .html files instead of folders

and somehow get rid of the theme and extra junk folders which make it almost like a wordpress static site export

thank you

The short answer is no. You do not have much control over how RW organizes site files. Why does it matter? The end user doesn’t see it, and it doesn’t affect page load speed or anything else.

The one thing you can change is to have all pages as html files as opposed to folders. Before explaining how to change that, I’d ask why? Again, it doesn’t affect anything to the site visitor. In fact, it makes things easer for them. It’s also currently best practices for website layout.

If someone types an address in the web browser, which is easier?



If you look at Apple’s site, the location of the iPhone page is:


and not:



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Hi Don

thank you for your response I think I am use to having much simple export this is overwhelming for me and the export size is way bigger almost double for approximately same size website

here for example is the export of blocs which is only 2 mb https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qgwRc1UvNtKp2gzfkWMwcxM0vFk-zFOd/view?usp=sharing

and the files are really nicely organised for me to understand and additionally we use html encryption before exporting and it is not easy to go in each individual folder to copy paste html documents for encryption as the converter we use only accept files and when files are in folders I have to upload 1 by 1

an example of blocs export format that I would like to achieve in rapid weaver

thank you again for taking the time to help me

They are different programs. RW offers you something that blocs doesn’t. I really think you are overthinking it. You will get used to how RW exports as you go. You will also find advantages in the way RW handles it.

My advice… just enjoy designing, don’t worry about the export. I wish you the best and think you will adjust quickly to the difference. I wish you an easy go of it.


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