>xml file instead of separate pages in local folder

I tried to solve the problem with RealMac helpdesk but they don’t have the time to help me out there so I punish my question here.

Because of health problems I didn’t use RW. for a long time. I remember before going to hospital exporting you can see all the different files files in the local folder. Now back from Hospital I restarted Rapid weaver six (and seven). When I am exporting the files now to local folder all I get is an .xml file index_folder rw.common and sitemap.xml. No separate page can be seen anymore. As I want to export on local first and then with ftp program transfer to the site I always used it like this. Does anybody recognize this and can help me?

Could you give a screenshot of what you’re seeing? You said an xml file, what’s it’s name?
Are you using tidy links in your advanced settings? If you’re using tidy links you should have directories (folders) for each page you have in your site. The name of the folder will show up in the page inspector.

@Doug Bennet. Thanks for your fast answering. I will send you the screenshot. It took a little time because didn’t find the tidy links checkbox


Btw I think I never changed this setting so in the past the box was always checked

@dough Bennet. Because I am seen as a new user, though I use RW many years already, I am allowed to send only one image. That is why I try tossed the other one in this message.

This is my rapid weaver project:

WHen you set-up your pages you specify a folder name in the page inspector:


So for A project like this:


You should get something like this when you publish:


  • The sitemap.xml is your google sitemap.
  • The index HTML is your home page.
  • The rw_common is theme stuff needed.
  • then there should be a folder for each page. The can be in sub folders.