Possible file extension bug in RW6

I have come across a possible bug in RW 6. If you attempt to change the home page filename from say ‘index.php’ to ‘index.html’ once you change focus from the filename text box to a warning pops up asking if you want to change the filename or leave it as is. When I click on ‘change filename’, the filename reverts back to the PHP extension. Does this mean that one can never change a filename extension and get asked a nonsensical question to boot?

I believe if you have a stack or a plugin that requires PHP rapid weaver will change it to PHP so it works. You will have to delete the old .html file from your server manually if you have published it.

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No. It means that you are trying to force an extension for content that requires otherwise.

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Not everything is a bug, somethings happen for a reason.

Check the content on the page, something on there requires the page to be php