Publishing issue when RW changes file extension from .html to .php

I had a problem which took an hour or two to debug. I created a site using Foundation (joe workman) and all was well. Then I started working with the blog and was shocked to find it to be horrible so I bought armadillo (nimblehost) as was one of the recommended solutions in the Foundation doc. I had a few changes to make to one of the already published pages and I decided to try armadillo’s solo content plugin. After publishing, the page didn’t look any different than before. I spent quite a bit of time reading the armadillo doc and changing/publishing the page, and republished the whole site, in trying to fix the problem but to no avail.

I then logged in to the host’s cpanel to check the files to ensure they had the current date and time. I was surprised to find both index.html and index.php files. It looks like adding an armadillo solo content stack (which uses PHP) to the page caused the filename to get a new extension of .php. This is good. It’s nice that RapidWeaver has my back, however, RapidWeaver didn’t make me aware of the change and didn’t delete the old file when I published the site.

It would be great if RapidWeaver could alert the user when it changes the extension of a published page.

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I also brought this to the attention of Realmac. This issue can turn into a real time waster.

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