Possible to use Sizzy as preview with RapidWeaver?

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Setapp has just added Sizzy, the browser that previews your site on multiple devices at once. It seems pretty useful, especially as each “device” in the window will display in real time as you scroll or click in the others, it shows the “finger dot” in touch devices, and more handy stuff.

Is there a way to add an app to RapidWeaver’s preview options?

In my RW preview list, it shows my installed browsers but also apps like Evernote, Manuscripts, Apple Notes, and weirdly even MoneyWiz (?). I don’t know what RapidWeaver needs to identify an app as a browser, but would like to add Sizzy if I can.

I’m sure publishing to a local folder and opening that in Sizzy would work. Just hoping to make it a little easier to preview a page in Sizzy without having to publish every time.

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That’s an impressive app. I like it.

I suspect the issue relates to the fact that Sizzy doesn’t tell macOS that it is a browser. You can’t set Sizzy as your default browser, for instance. I suspect that’s the issue.

I did this and it seems to work so-so:

  1. Choose Preview in from the RapidWeaver File menu.
    will be the name of your default browser. You can also do ⌘P

  2. This should open up your browser and preview your page. Then you can select the URL in the URL bar. It should look something like: this is the preview server that RapidWeaver sets up for your project while it’s open.

  3. Copy and Paste that URL into Sizzy. You can then browse in sizzy and RapidWeaver will switch pages in your project.

It’s quick and dirty and it kind of works. However it’s not really perfect. RapidWeaver and Sizzy fight over which page you’re on sometimes. If you are just working on your one main homepage, it’s fine.

If you need to jump around a lot of pages, then I think the best way is to use Publish and publish to a local file. Then use MAMP to run a little server on your machine. The free version of MAMP works great as a mini web server and lets you see how everything will look on your real machine.

Then using Sizzy to point at your MAMP server to view your site, on every browser at the same time – wow. That’s pretty cool.


I filed a feature request with Sizzy last week to register with the OS as a browser. This way we can use option+cmd+P to preview in it with RW.

I have noticed that Sizzy loves to eat up CPU though.

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I’m not sure how Sizzy works, but don’t forget that Solis, by the guy who makes Blocs, works perfectly with RW.



Oh yes! Especially when the front page has a video background and you are testing 8 devices. About the only time the fan on my iMac starts up.

Just as a quick aside, I don’t want to derail things, but if you’re looking to do something like this, but don’t need as many bells and whistles, RapidWeaver allows you to open multiple simulators at once as well. It is pretty easy to use, too: https://d.pr/v/3oLCc4


Ha! I never knew Simulator could do that! That’s pretty cool.

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This is odd, cus when I click the Simulator button I get no option to open in a new window, I get no options at all, all that happens when I click it is a single Simulator window opens. If I click it when a Simulator window is already open it just brings it into focus.

So how’d you do that?

EDIT: Found it. Although I still can’t open more than one window the way you can.

Maybe I’m just not special :wink:

Click and hold the mouse button to add multiple simulators.


I use the simulator with multiple windows all the time. You can even setup predefined layouts where you have. multiple devices open (iPhone, iPad, custom size, etc.,etc) and then just open all them in a single command. It works really well with multiple displays or desktops.

Check out the video Ben did when RW8 launched:


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