In Praise of Jannis/Instacks and Poster 2

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Poster 2 by @instacks. It’s such a versatile content management system for RW, with a huge range of uses. But sometimes even it and it’s dev go beyond the call of duty.

Last week a client I’m building a new site for in RW asked me if I was able to save their old WordPress blog for archive purposes. And is there any way to add it to their new (RW) site?

Long (very long) story short, over the weekend Jannis worked with me to first export 10 years of WordPress posts from their old site, then convert them a file format that Poster 2 can read and display, to get it all republished into the new RW site, then to write the correct htaccess file so as to ensure all links to the old blog worked on the new archive.

This was over a weekend.

Top marks, and thank you @instacks. My client is super happy with the outcome.


Wow, that is really impressive!

Congrats all round :+1:

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Poster 2 is really great. And it loves Grid Plus Pro — this is the Rapidweaver romance of the year. Props to their respective authors!


Jannis, would be nice to get this Converter on your site. By the was, is there a way to convert a Poster 1 site to Poster 2?

You have to contact me directly for such a conversion, as it’s not straight forward. To many issues and differences in Wordpress exports.

Only manually.

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