Poster 2 Stack: how to have more padding between elements

Is it possible to have more padding by default between the different elements in an item (blogpost)? I did it manually for item 1 but now I added item 2 and I have to do everything from scratch it seems. I clicked the plus buytton to add the new item, should I instead duplicate item 1?

If I understand what you’re saying then yes some simple CSS should be able to split your post.

I think we are talking about two different things. What happens is that between different stacks elements (not limited to the poster stack), there is no padding by default. So it looks as if text is glued to an image for example. I can change the padding manually so there is some whitespace (I usually do 10 p padding) but it would be nice if there is some kind of default setting so it would work for every blogpost. Since you create new items within the core poster stack, I don’t think you can create a partial and solve it like that.

Please provide a link with more information please, where additional spacing should be added.

How about editing the template (if I understand your issue correctly)?

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Depends if the Poster 1 / RW template or the freestyle template is used.

Hi, here is a screenshot of the page in preview mode. As you can see the first post on the left, I added padding between the image and the title. In the second blog post, there is no spacing between the image and the title. I would like to have the padding by default.

While I am here: the share buttons don’t show up when they are placed in the main stack, they do show up when I put them within the item and click the checkbox.

That’s not a link to a published site.

Dm me if you’re not interested in posting.

Here you go:
The blog is called untitled for now.

For addition space, use body margin overwrite therefore (screenshot 1).

For using the social share icons, put them into the dropbox areas (screenshot 2).

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