Poster Stack images not loading/showing - SOLVED

(Jeroen Born) #1

I am using Poster Stack for blogging on my website. At post no.3 and no.4 the images are not showing/loading on the main page. I use Impact for a slideshow, which works fine on the first two postings.

Post no.3:

Post no.4:

Furthermore I use ‘warehousing’ the images on the server because the normal ‘picture’ from Poster does not have this option.

I am a bit worried, as I want to create a lot more postings.

(Kenny White) #2

They show just fine for me :slight_smile:

(Doug Bennett) #3

I see them in Chrome fine. You do have a JS error on

(Jason Bostick) #4

I see the preview images on the main page but if I click on post 3, I am not able to see the Impact images (though it does seem to be making space for it).

As @teefers says, there are some errors on the page which may be interfering with things, though i don’t know how to troubleshoot them specifically.

(Jeroen Born) #5

Ok, how do I tackle that JS error?

(Jason Bostick) #6

You also have a couple of massive image files on that post 3. Both almost 4MB’s each. It may not fix the problem but you should definitely resize and optimize your images.

(Jeroen Born) #7

The problem was indeed the large MB picture files. I will replace the large ones with smaller ones. This topic can be closed.

(system) #8

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