PostgreSQL database (or flask integration)

We use RapidWeaver for websites, and Flask for web apps. Our backend database is PostgreSQL. I’d like to be able to combine them, so that our web apps can be embedded in pretty RapidWeaver websites, and so that I don’t have to write python code just to make a form to enter data, or a web table to display some data.

So, I guess I just need:

  1. Some form plugin that can support PostgreSQL. I can’t find any, they all seem to be MySQL ?? I don’t mind if the RapidWeaver plugin mostly does the display, formatting, a and some validation checks, because…

  2. Some way to call Python API from a POST or a button, and

  3. Some way to render PostgreSQL data into a table or a page.

Another option would be some sort of CRUD system like EasyDB, so that a lot of the simple stuff (aka everything but the “business logic”) can be done in RapidWeaver without using Flask at all. Flask API calls would then just be for “Business Logic” (e.g. running some scientific algorithm).

Of course I can embed the Flask web app in frames in RapidWeaver. So, it’s not hard to get the various flask web apps inside of RapidWeaver. But, I’d like the forms, table displays, etc, to be formatted using a RapidWeaver plugin rather than writing dumb python code to format a table!

Finally, if I must use MySQL to get DB functionality in RapidWeaver, there is a foreign data wrapper for Postgres that allows Postgres to access MySQL tables, to provide compatibility with our other apps.

Does anyone have any advice for me? Is this whole thing just a dumb idea? Should I abandon RapidWeaver for any dynamic web app’s forms?

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see this post…

@jay is
working on a CRUD stack which should work with PostgreSQL

Just to confirm what @capetom wrote:

I am currently developing a CRUD stack which will support MySQL, SQLite3 and Postgres.


Adding content from forms into databases is even for RapidWeaver not a big deal. The existing stacks usually work on MySQL because it’s the most common database you’ll get with your hosting packages.

If you just need to get data from a user input, store it away and retrieve it later (CR), and don’t want to use MySQL and / or some of the advanced database stacks, then perhaps a combination of Form Snap / Form Loom by Yabdab and any of the Google Spreadsheet stacks might do the job.

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