Does RapidWeaver 6 have support for CRUD actions against a mysql DB?

What kind of support does RapidWeaver 6 have for CRUD actions against a mysql DB? Would this be a good tool for building a web app that will be primary modile device used (but must also work on a standard computer) which will need to display information from a MySql DB with some updating allowed with access to .pdf and .jpg files.

This is my limited experience opinion!

You can build all kinds of sites with RW as it allows for custom HTML areas & pages.

That being said, it also does not support any sort of custom HTML/PHP/jQuery/Javascript/etc. development in the way, say, DreamWeaver, Espresso, etc. do. You are a bit on your own there.

What was suggested in the past was to mock up the page in RW, publish it, change it to a PHP page and then bring it in as an HTML page and code away. That way you preserve the theme, but, you will lose the visual editing once you create the HTML page. You do have total control of the page at that point, and I do mean total control.

I do not know if that is the recommended method these days, but, as far as I can see, the paradigm hasn’t changed that much. I could be wrong there of course…

@wmrshaw - RapidWeaver uses flat-file publishing instead of a DB. Like other flat-file publishings system (Jekyll etc.) the goal is to produce a highly performant published site with no back-end code you can use RW to build your front end site – but won’t specifically help with back-end DB tasks.

There are some great stacks and plugins out there that do add db features (e.g. )

@mastermix Intriguing!!!

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