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(Linda) #1

I am struggling with emails going through the server to the proper place. The question is to you all — Is .php or .html better for email? Currently using HTML Contact form from Doobox

(NeilUK) #2

Some servers require the email address to be on the same domain as the website and will not send email from Gmail, Yahoo etc.

Without more details, it’s a shot in the dark though.

(Greg Schneck) #3

Do you mean php or html as the extension on the contact form? If so it certainly shouldn’t matter. But not sure what you are asking.

And can you enlarge on “emails going through the server to the proper place”?

(Linda) #4

Problem solved. The server was marking all emails as “spam” because it was seen as coming from “itself”. Stopped using a contact form, started using a link. Mail is going through

(system) #5

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