PRE-SALES QUESTION - Full Version Releases In 2016

(Varied Team Members) #1

Hello RapidWeaver and Developers of Listed Products… I have heard that some of the products I have listed below may be having a full version release in 2016? If I purchase soon will I be eligible to move to the new full version when released. Please specify your policy, e.g. eligibility purchase range. Looking at a fair amount of products and want to be sure I move forward with a direction fully aware of near future expenditures.

Kind Regards,

  • RapidWeaver 6 - RealMac Software

  • Stacks 3 - YourHead

  • Foundation Theme - Joe Workman

  • Total CMS - Joe Workman

  • Target - Joe Workman

  • Impact - Joe Workman

(Nik Fletcher) #2

When we launch a new paid upgrade to RapidWeaver, as we plan to this year, we offer a grace period for free upgrades (normally ~30ish days before the launch of a paid upgrade - details for RapidWeaver 7 will be announced at launch). Until we have a firm launch date, we aren’t able to definitively confirm such a grace period. However, all customers who own RapidWeaver 6, but fall outside the grace period, qualify for upgrade pricing so there’s no need to re-purchase at full price.



(Joe Workman) #3

Foundation will be getting an overhaul this year. I have not decided what to do about pricing/upgrade.

(Varied Team Members) #4

Thank you both… Appreciate you taking the time to get back with me.

Joe, saw your final update announcement for the existing Foundation Theme, any possibility of an ETA for the new Version 6. Also very interested to learn more about TotalBlog and when it will be released?

Kind Regards,

(Varied Team Members) #5

Hello Joe Workman or JW Team… Would value if you have any updates or ETA for the products I listed in the previous post.

  • Foundation Theme 6
  • Total Blog

Kind Regards,

(Joe Workman) #6

Total Blog should not be too far away. Foundation 6 is not close.

(Varied Team Members) #7

Joe… Thank you for getting back to me. Looking forward to both.


(Wolf Ademeit) #8

Any news about Total Blog?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #9

Getting closer every day! Trust me, it will be worth the wait!!